A dear friend of ours is putting on a virtual fundraiser for us for the next two weeks.  I’m just going to put her short message up here for any of you who would be interested in checking it out.  (Crazy day (again) here.  I’ll try to get more posted tomorrow.  😉 )

Hello Everyone! The Link for Christian’s Virtual fundraiser is ready!!! Please click on my website (below). Then click on “My Events”, once there you will be able to click on Christian’s Event where you can click on “Shop Now”. PLEASE make sure that you have your order Drop Shipped directly to your home, or it wil…l come to me (and I live in Michigan)! Also, when you are collecting orders from family and friends make sure to add $4 shipping to their orders! 30% of sales from Wildtree Products ordered will go towards Paws 4 Christian, as well as loads of Free Wildtree Products that will enhance the way Mom is already feeding her family! THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU for helping Christian!See More