We had a fabulous family reunion at our house yesterday.  While it was a rush to prepare our home for that many people, it was nice to have it here because “here” is Christian-proofed.  Brian and I were able to visit with everyone.  Lovely!  😀

Unfortunately, piles of gluten also visited our house yesterday.  Usually, gluten is not that big of a deal as Christian will avoid most gluten-laced foods.  Ironically, Christian was attracted to some store bought, nothing fancy gluten-stuffed chocolate chip cookies.  Sigh.  I don’t understand why those were the draw (especially since he has been on a full-forced cookie strike since our “cookie company” went out of business), but he had (at least) two of them (from what we saw). 

The cookies were not big, but made a big impact.  Sleep is horrible — both falling asleep and staying asleep.  The aggression is back — mostly because I will not let him surf “youtube” for production companies after 8pm at night and I won’t let him downstairs.  And I’m just beat.  I want to sleep (not possible when you have a child literally bouncing off of walls (and doors)). 


I wonder how long this will take to pass…