Christian is a man of few words.  He still doesn’t request many things by asking (especially when he is not prompted).  He would just prefer to grab a hand and drag someone to whatever it is that he wants.  An eternal work in progress.

However, the last couple of days he has made two very clear requests!

First, he has started requesting, “Mom. Dad. Bed.”  This means, “Mom and Dad, please come with me, tuck me in, pray with me, and turn off the light.”  Seriously.  THIS IS SOOO COOL!!! 😀  And, this has happened, not once, but twice!  We could NOT be any happier!!!!  😀

OK. Second request.  “Milkshake.”  Yep, my 6-year-old, who has NEVER had a milkshake in his entire life or even a glass of milk (because he refuses to drink any beverage that he can’t see through) clearly asked for a “Milkshake!”  Crazy.  So, I got out the rice cream (non-dairy ice cream), soy milk, and the Magic Bullet.  Christian watched carefully and filled with excitement.  He LOVED it!  😀  Wow.  I. am. amazed.

Christian enjoying his milkshake. (He DOES have clothes on. Well, his swimsuit anyway. 🙂 )