Christian and I are on our own for a few days.  Brian and Liv are off vacationing with his family. 

I suppose that it may seem strange that 2 of us stayed home while 2 of us left.  However, I think this will be very good for the kids.  Liv will get some playtime with her cousins; undivided attention from grandparents, aunts, and uncles; and fishing and swimming time with Daddy.  Christian will get a break from being bossed around by a sister who thinks that she’s a therapist and won’t get yelled at if he even walks by one of her toys.  Christian has seemed much more relaxed, even in the last 24 hours and Olivia was having so much fun last night that she ws almost too busy to come to the phone when Brian called to say “Good Night.”  😉

So far Christian and I ventured to the store to re-stock his special pretzels and cheese.  He was walking with me very nicely until I let go of his hand to have him help me put the cheese in the cart.  He was off to the races!  [sigh]  I tried chasing him with the cart, but left it as I passed by the service counter (after I had grabbed my wallet out of it).  I finally caught up with him halfway to the other end of the store while everyone smiled/glanced at us in a pitying way.  [sigh]  Yeah, I made sure that I carried him until we had the last couple of items that we needed.  Unfortunately, I made the mistake of setting him down while paying and he attempted to run out of the store with my Visa card. [sigh]  This only reaffirmed in my mind that going after a service dog for him will be a VERY good thing.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at home, playing with the wading pool, spelling words and making logos, and watering the flowers and garden.  He snuggled up with me on the couch and held my hand until he dozed off.  (He never does that!)  What a fabulous end to the day!  🙂

This morning we went to church, which was great.  Christian enjoys being at church and without the distraction of a little sister, we had a really wonderful service.  🙂

However, we needed to stop by the store on the way home.  After yesterday’s adventure, I was a little scared.  Thankfully, Christian was willing to ride and be buckled in a cart with a bench seat.  (There was no easy way to get out of that. 🙂 )  We sped through the store getting the few household items that we needed on our list.  No escaping.  No chasing.  I was relieved. 🙂

Now, we’re building with legos and watching “The Parent Trap” [newer version] (Christian’s pick). 

I have realized that the house is much more quiet without Liv here.  Perhaps, Christian isn’t feeling the need to cover up her vocal-ness by making his own loud humming/yodeling???  And the house is staying relatively picked-up.  Liv does a LOT of dumping, especially when playing the NG.  I have enjoyed being able to walk into her room without stepping on her toys and accessories.  🙂

It is nice to spend some alone time with Christian (since Liv gets me during the day everyday).  (I do miss her, though.)  I think it’s also to Christian’s benefit to be able to stay consistent with school and therapy. 

We will all vacation together soon and it will be fabulous.  🙂