It’s official.  All of Olivia’s paperwork is submitted for 4K.  She is excited, yet nervous.  (As am I.)  3-hours away from home every weekday afternoon.  Wow!  How did she get SO big!

I had to take her on an errand yesterday afternoon that brought us to a discount store.  She hadn’t napped and was interrupting Christian’s therapy, so we looked for the perfect first day of school outfit instead of heading straight home.

We had to take our time and study everything.  We definitely have different tastes.  But the outfit she ended up with is VERY cute.  We even found a six-pack of sparkly headbands on the clearance rack to go with it.  (And the other five to just accessorize outfits she already has.)  It was fun shopping with her.  (We can’t do it often though.  She really wanted to buy most things in that section, especially the accessories! 😉 )