Christian finished Day #4 of summer school.

I was really worried about how this transition would go, but I shouldn’t have been.

Christian is doing GREAT!  It helps that he has the same teacher for summer school that he had last year.  As soon as he saw her, he dropped my hand and took hers and walked into the school building.  I couldn’t have asked for a better start!  🙂

And he’s enjoying riding the bus yet.  Another plus — he has a driver that he had back in Early Childhood.  She is so gentle and good with him.  I couldn’t have been happier to see her back.  🙂

The only “problem” that we have had with school is Christian spitting out his food at lunch.  The cause — loose tooth #2.  I’m sure the spitting will disappear when that tooth falls out (but before the new one starts growing in). 

I will be sad when summer school is over.  It has been a real blessing so far!