Christian is getting TOO SMART!  Seriously.  I can’t keep up with this boy!

He has figured out how to unbuckle himself from his 5-point carseat in our car.  Not cool.  Recently, he was obsessed about getting something in the front seat and would continually unbuckle himself and try to climb up front.  I was pulling over every other minute.  Finally, I just reached back and held him in his seat with one arm while I drove with the other.  I just wanted to get home.  And he was glad to get out of the car.

Yesterday, I pulled into our driveway to find him sitting all the way back in the truck.  Nice.  I want to know how he did that SO quickly as 30 seconds before I had seen him sitting buckled in his seat.  Sigh.  The gray hairs are multiplying rapidly!

I guess he has been pulling the same thing on his dear, sweet bus driver.  Last Friday he unbuckled himself and walked to the back of the bus and started fidgeting with the emergency exit door.  Oh, poor bus driver!  Thankfully she found a seatbelt lock at the station and had it on the bus yesterday.  It seemed to do the trick once she got it on the oversized buckles.  I think we’ll need to find one of those for our car.  Soon.