They’re gone!  My two major tags are no more!  Yay!

OK.  They were skin tags.  HUGE ones.  Well, at least, they felt huge to me like there was a spotlight shining on them any time I wore a sleeveless shirt.

You see, one was in my left armpit and had been there as long as I could remember.  All the way back to when I started shaving.  And I hated it because I could never successfully shave all of the hair.  Eww.  And if I would nick it, it would bleed like crazy.  It doesn’t work well to wear a band-aid in the armpit.  And a  new one had grown right next to my left armpit within the last year.  I despised it.  It would just hang right out there.  The kids would pick at it.  Occasionally it would get caught up on my bra straps.  Boo.  I was not a fan.

But, yay for my doctor who suggested that we get rid of my “skin lesions”.  She snipped them off and burned the bases today.  They are no more.  I couldn’t be happier.  🙂

It will be SO nice not to have a spotlight on my left pit all summer! 😉