Yay — the last 2 days I haven’t had to clean “toileting issues” out of the basement.  This is huge!  The best part of this is that I have rarely even needed to give a reminder to go.  The toileting has been taken care of all on its own.  I couldn’t be happier! 🙂

Boo — Christian has decided that I am not allowed to read a book to Olivia while he is home.  He will attack.  Hard.  Fast.  But not me, the reader, he goes after Olivia.  I don’t understand.  It seems like a jealousy issue, but he doesn’t want me to read to him either.  I wish I knew how to improve this situation.  😦

Yay — Christian is starting to share the swings with Olivia again.  Whew.  I’m so glad they can play together a little bit. 🙂

Boo — any time Christian gets a couple of drops of water (while he’s splashing things into the wading pool), he immediately strips in the backyard.  Sigh.  This seems to happen the minute I turn my back.  Free show for the neighbors and anyone driving down the street!  😦  I hope this phase passes soon.

Yay — Christian loves to help me water our strawberry patch.  If I go out there with the hose, he finds his watering can and brings it over so that I will fill it up. 🙂  I love it!  🙂  Something that he wants to do with me! 🙂  (He also loves to lay across my back while I weed the patch or the flower garden. 🙂 )