Are there still readers out there???  Sorry about my absence at the keyboard.  As summer has started, having both kids (and often Neighbor Girl) here makes it difficult to find a break to get my thoughts down.  And I’m processing strawberries like crazy!  Our little patch is doing SO well this year.  Yay!  But picking close to 100 berries everyday is leaving me slicing berries every afternoon.  I will not complain though.  They are SO yummy!  🙂

Anywho, getting back to letting go — I have finally realized that I can’t try to keep holding on to a particular relationship in my life.  I was hoping and praying that things could/would change and the relationship would be rebuilt, but it can’t.  And it hurts to realize this.  This person will not be who I need/want and I can’t be what this person wishes I was.  So I have to let go.  (But it still hurts to do so.)

On a totally different note, I hope to have more time to write later today.  I have so many things that I want to get down so that I remember them.  I’ll try to not let it get so long between posts again. 🙂