I can hardly believe that the last time I posted it was still May!  I’ve been having a hard time focusing lately as I am adjusting to new medication and battling (what I think is) a sinus infection/earache.

I thought to recap what has happened around here, I’d post my Facebook status updates from May 28th onward —

  • May 28th — Liv talking to me in the ladies’ room, “Poo-poo that’s how you say ‘Poop’ in Chinese.” 
  •  is thankful that my husband is fast and that the driver saw Christian. Heart attack!


  •  May 29th — is glad for the last Sat morning therapy session. We ♥ you guys, we really do. But I’m looking forward to one day a week where I don’t have to get up and scurry around like crazy.   
  • Christian’s first fishing excursion to a nearby pond. 15(ish) minutes. 🙂   He caught a bluegill and a black bass!  🙂


  •  May 31st — Thank you military men and women (& families) for your sacrifice!


  •  June 1st —  is a little nervous. Christian’s class is taking a field trip to a park. I hope the teachers have their running shoes on!
  • worked my first shift at the produce farm this morning — weeding  onions. 🙂
  • Why is it that all winter Liv wants to run around the house in her “babe-ing suit” and now that it’s warm out she’s wearing long-sleeved jammies with pants and a shirt underneath??? I don’t understand…


  •  June 2nd — Nothing like homegrown strawberries! First 2 of the season 🙂


  • June 3rd — is feeling less than positive, but wishing I wasn’t. 


  • June 4th —  looking forward to working at the farm in the steady rain this morning. 🙂  
  • wonders if Christian will want to watch the National Spelling Bee on TV tonight…  Yes, we did watch it.  😉


  •  June 5th — my husband, the rummage saler, got home and told me he bought a boat. I guess this shouldn’t surprise me…


  •  June 7th — After watching High School Musical 3 with C early this morning, I’ve decided that maybe if I break into song and dance everytime I have a problem that will help me figure it out. 😉
  • The “Tinkerbell” that I took to the library this morning. 🙂

  • June 8th — [sigh]                                                                                                                                                                                             
  • Christian lost his first tooth today!!!
  • can hardly believe that Christian has his last day of Kindergarten tomorrow.


  • June 9th — was happy to greet 17 ripe strawberries this morning. 
  • is thankful the kids slept GREAT last night! (Just wishing that my nose would have let me sleep past 3am.)