Last week I received some bad news — the company that made the ONLY KIND of cookie that Christian will eat went out of business.  I have tried and failed to make contact with the owner of that company via phone and email to see if there was a way to continue to receive them or obtain the recipe.

So, today I attempted to make Christian some GFCF cookies.  He has never liked cookies when I bake them.  (Which is a little heart-breaking for me, as I LOVE to bake cookies for people that I care about.)  I was hoping that today something would be magically different.  Maybe the farm fresh eggs would be the missing link.

I stirred the batter.  It looked better this time.  Better than any other time that I have attempted the GFCF chocolate chip cookie.  I was excited.  Maybe these would be the ones.

The cookies baked beautifully.  They cooled.  I brought one to Christian and he smiled.  (I smiled.)  I handed this love-filled cookie to Christian dripping with anticipation of his appreciation.  I held my breath.  His smile faded.  He let out a scream.  He threw the cookie down.

The cookies I had been buying must have had a unique smell/texture that I have yet to duplicate.  Sigh.

I was hoping, just hoping, that if I could get him to lick the cookie, he would find out that they are REALLY good.  (I mean these are the best GFCF cookies that I’ve had and they look just like homemade!)  So, I forced him to lick it.  He crushed it.  So, I forced a crushed piece into his mouth.  He spit it out onto the floor.

Attempted GFCF cookie failed.  Again.  Sigh. 

I guess Christian won’t be having cookies any time in the near future…