This is Lennie.

Olivia likes to sleep with Lennie most nights.  Last night, she went to bed with out her. 

Unfortunately, Liv woke at 2 am and insisted that we find her NOW!  So, we searched and searched and searched.  In bedrooms, bathrooms, drawers, under furniture, etc.  Lennie was nowhere to be found.  We I had now spent a 1/2 hour in the middle of the night looking for this cat.

I was starting to think she has left it at Neighbor Girl’s house.  I mentioned that to Liv and she started wailing.  Sigh.

But there was one last hope.  The girls had been playing by the sandbox.  Could Lennie be there?  So, Liv and I ran out there in the dark, toes getting wet with dew (which only upset Liv even more), and there in the grass was Lennie!  Whew.  Thank goodness. 

Of course, then Liv was upset that Lennie was wet, you know, from the dew on the grass.  Oh well.  At least we found her and Liv went back to sleep almost immediately.  (Too bad I couldn’t do the same! 😦 )