Anyone who knows Christian or our family knows about Christian’s obsession love of production companies and credits to movies/shows.  (Some of my FB friends can attest to this as they have received “chats” about “Universal Orlando”, “Columbia Tristar Pictures”, “Big Idea Studios”, “Hit Entertainment,” etc.  Thank you for your understanding and even writing back to him with another company like “UBU Productions” vs. “Hi Christian,” as the first one thrills him and the second makes him extremely upset.)

Anyway, Christian’s production company logo love followed him into the lunchroom at school today.  He saw another boy’s shirt and HAD to look at it — up close and personal.  Like way personal.  The boy was wearing a “Universal Orlando” shirt.  Guess what he was obsessed with writing on his doodleboards this weekend — yep, “Universal Orlando.”  I was told that his teachers continued direct Christian back to his lunch and a minute later he was distracted by the UO shirt and was standing with his face just about buried in it again.  Unfortunately, the UO boy didn’t understand why Christian just HAD to see his shirt, so he started covering it up when Christian came near.  And Christian didn’t understand why he was covering it up.  Christian, because of his undying love, scared some of the children sitting at that table.  It was a complete misunderstanding that could happen at any time so easily.

After lunch and recess, Christian’s teacher visited the classroom of the boy with the UO shirt and tried to explain about Christian’s love of Universal Orlando.  That it was one of the first words that Christian spelled.  (The kids were amazed at this because (in their words), “It’s such a big word!” 😉 )  She explained that while Christian can spell and read very well, he doesn’t always have the ability to use words to say, “I’d like to look at your shirt, please.”  As she explained, the kids started understanding.  She told me that she would not be surprised if that class wears shirts with words on for the rest of the week and walk up to Christian and ask him if he would like to read their shirts.  🙂

I’m so thankful that Miss J took the time to explain.  It can be scary when you don’t understand why someone is doing something unusual.  I’m glad that my son will no longer be looked at as “scary” and I hope that the kids will be as understanding of differences in the future.