Olivia absolutely loves it when someone, anyone, will take time out of their day to sit down and read her a story (which usually turn into multiple stories.)

Christian is the opposite.  While he might be OK with someone reading a story in the same room that he’s in, he doesn’t prefer it.  He doesn’t request it.  EVER.

Until two nights ago.  Brian was sitting on the couch and Christian ran over to him and put a book in his hand.  Brian asked C, “What should I do with the book?”  Christian ran back, pointed to it, and said, “Read!”

Brian told Christian to “Climb up.”  And Christian did, snuggling up right next to him. 

Brian read Kipper’s Monster by Mick Inkpen.  Christian just sat and listened (and helped read on occasion) and giggled away when they got to the part where the owl screeches.

Brian and I both rejoiced over this strange, yet SO wonderful occurence.

And last night, Christian asked for a repeat performance.  Awesome!  🙂

I wonder if he’ll ask again tonight…