Yesterday, we were invited over to the farm for lunch.  Grilled food.  Yum!

Christian has a hard time sitting at a table when others are eating (and he had eaten a fair amount of pretzels at church), so he was pretty well occupied with the DVD player in the other room.  He would come in and check on us every few minutes (or if he needed help with something).

One of the times that he breezed around the table, I handed him a juice box.  He took it, started walking away, and clearly said, “Xie Xie, Mom.” 

Do you know what that means?

“Xie Xie” is “thank you” in Mandarin Chinese!  Apparently, he is paying attention when “Ni-Hao Kai-Lan” is playing on Nick Jr.  🙂  I love it!  (And it was used appropriately!  Without being totally scripted from the show!  Amazing!!!) 

Hmm…I wonder if he says any other words in Mandarin Chinese.  I guess I need to watch more Kai-Lan!  😉