Brian’s Granny K passed away. 

She had fallen down and broken her leg a month ago.  The doctors did surgery and she came through well.  From there, though, her kidneys started shutting down.  Eventually, she was released from the hospital to go back to the assisted living center that she had been living in for the last four years.  She was there for about a week before she passed away.

But I think she was ready to go.  She knew where she was going.  She knew that she would be in a place with no more pain.  Where she would walk with Jesus.  She would be HOME.

The funeral service and burial was today.  We decided to send Christian to school as usual.  Liv came with us for the visitation.  She had visited with Great-Grandma a number of times, and we thought that we could use this as a positive experience about death for her.  Liv asked lots of questions and while we were there she made a picture for Granny K and it was tucked in with Granny.  It was so sweet.

Liv and I had to leave before the actual funeral service started (as I had to pick up Christian from school).  It was comforting to hear stories of Granny.  She was a loving, thoughtful person.  Her faith was firm.  What a comfort to know that this was not a final goodbye.  We know that she is in heaven and that we will meet again when it is our turn to finally be called HOME.

We love you, Granny K.