Ah, Christian is growing up.  I suppose, he is SIX now, but I hadn’t been thinking about us coming to this crossroads quite SO soon.  Last night, we found out that Christian has his first wiggly tooth. 

He is NOT happy about it. In his mind, teeth are not supposed to move. 

I feel really bad for him since he doesn’t have his top four front teeth.  (He was really accident-prone as a toddler and chipped them all and then they got infected, so they were removed when he was 2-1/2.)  He already has this big hole in his smile, so if his bottom teeth fall out first (like the dentist thinks will happen) Christian will have an even BIGGER hole in his smile. 

How is he going to deal with that?  Is he going to totally freak out when his tooth falls out?  Will he pull it out or swallow it or who knows?  How will he bite his food?  How long will he be without teeth in the front?  Will he also flip when the teeth start coming back in?  Especially on the top where he hasn’t had any teeth for 3-1/2 years?  He started to learn to talk again AFTER his top teeth were removed.  Will he have to learn where to place his tongue when talking all over again?  Will he bite his tongue?  Will he get mad with teeth in there now?

So many, many questions running through my mind.

Perhaps, it’s time for another social story (and a lot of prayer)…