Last night after supper, I had to run to the store to get a few last minute things for Christian’s birthday.  Brian and the kids decided to go in the backyard for awhile as Brian had a project he needed to work on back there.  To keep the kids busy, he filled up their watering cans and had them water the tulips and pansies right behind the house and then the tulips in the back corner of our yard. 

The kids came back a few times for refills (the watering cans are not big) and went back to work.

Brian looked up from his project a few minutes into the watering task to find Christian carefully and meticulously watering each and every dandelion in the backyard.  😉 

(How awesome is that about following directions?!?  And he cared so much that he watered SO diligently to help out his Daddy.  🙂 )