That’s a loaded question, isn’t it?!?

Olivia is heading to 4K in the fall.  Even though that is still months away and only 3-ish hours a day, I can’t stop my mind from wandering into what I will do with myself once she heads off to full-time kindergarten over a year from now.  (Yeah, I’m a planner.  Probably an OCD one at that.  I can’t help myself!)

I’ve dreamt of this day for the last couple of years.  Thinking of my “relaxing” days — cleaning house, doing laundry, errand running, WORKING OUT!, taking naps (when needed), reading books, drinking in sunshine, leisurely enjoying my morning coffee, WORKING OUT!, volunteering, picking weeds, bargain hunting, learning to cook more from scratch, WORKING OUT!, etc.  I’ve always thought that all of this would be enough.  Now I’m wondering, will it?  Will it be enough?  Or do I need to something more?

Currently, I’m longing to do something significant with my days.  I know that being a stay-at-home mom IS a significant job, however I just feel like I have more to give, but I don’t know where or what or how.

The issue that I have when I start considering this next stage of me is how to make this all mesh with our life.  I need to be able to get kids on the bus/to school in the morning, pick them up from school, and be home with them all evening.  I need to be able to be home on any school breaks, including summer.  I need to be available to pick up one of my kids from school should he/she be sent home for the day.  And these are really just a start to the list of things that our family would need

I could look for a job back in the world of teaching.  However, I don’t think that I am up to running a classroom full-time with all of the planning, correcting, preparing, etc. that teaching entails.  I think it would be too much for me to handle and be realistic about my abilities.  I suppose that I could look into other opportunities within the field of education, such as a teaching assistant or a tutor.  Are there places in my area looking for these types of people during the school day though?  With budgets being stretched so far right now, not many of these positions seem to be open without being filled from within.

If not education, though, then what?  See, this is where I get stuck.  What are my talents and how can they best be used???  How can I roll my love of photography, nature, reading, art, music, writing, travel, dancing, gardening, technology, research, etc. all into a career that I just can’t wait to get to everyday, yet still fulfill my role within our family (without having to become a sales-person)???  If anyone out there can figure that out, let me know what that job would look like.  😉