Dude, has it really been a  whole week since I put my pen to the paper fingers to the keys???  Time certainly does fly…

I haven’t been feeling like writing lately.  Not sure what I have to write about even though I can’t stop my mind from spinning (even in my sleep — weird dreams).

Honestly, I’ve been feeling a little bit fair amount of inadequacy lately.  My fuse is short.  My goals are not getting accomplished, or at least as fast as I’d like or to the ability that I’d like them to be done.  (And I have a lot of goals.)  My energy level is bottoming out.  I feel as though I am failing as a mother, a wife, a friend, and a person (in general).

I wish I knew why.

My past week has been extremely busy, but not horrible or even negative.  The house is clean and picked-up (by my standards) and has been for 4 days in a row — accomplishment!  I bought keyed locks and changed the doorknobs on three doors — accomplishment!  There have been less “accidents” in the basement — accomplishment (in the making)!  The kids are healthy and (mostly) sleeping through the night — accomplishment (except now that I’ve typed this they probably won’t sleep through the night tonight 😉 )!  Our beautiful tulips and irises are blooming — excellent!  The kids’ combined family birthday party on Saturday went really well — accomplishment!

Wow, what a list of wonderful things!  So, is my glumness just a case of super bad cabin fever?  It would be nice if I could chalk it all up to that! 

Sigh.  Really, I think what it’s going to take is making some positive changes to my daily routine.  Adding in some better habits.  Finding something that makes me feel like I accomplished something of importance during the day.  Perhaps, figuring out what I want to be when I grow up do when I have an opportunity to do something more.

I’ll keep you posted…