Yep.  Not feeling it today.  I’m finding myself walking around in circles trying to remember what I was going to do next.

(Yes.  I have tried writing lists, but even that has not been productive today as I forget what I was going to write by the time I get to the paper.)

My attempt at cleaning picking up the house today has been OK.  (Which means — please, just stay in the living room.  Perhaps, then you can conclude that the rest of the house is tidy, too.  😉 )

My attempt at keeping the basement toilet-free today has failed.  More than once.  My stock pile of paper towel is dwindling (and I think my patience is fleeing along with it).  (At least I thought enough ahead of time today to remove the item that was making the basement particularly difficult to clean.)

My attempt at staying calm in the face of a diva tirade has been unsuccessful.  I think I need to put myself on a timeout next time I see one of those coming my way.  And, really, how did this tomboy end up with a diva-tastic princess?!?  This is SO off my radar screen she has my mind spinning everyday trying to keep up.  I just wish said princess would nap and/or let this Mama do the same.

But does it really matter if my house is clean and tidy, my basement is not a toiletbowl, and my diva wakes up on the sunny-side of her bed???  It would be SO INCREDIBLY GREAT!!!, but not necessary.  What matters more is that my son spontaneously wants me to pick him up, so that he can hug me.  My daughter tells me that I’m the best mom in the whole “entired” 😉 world.  My hubby tells me that he loves me.  My God has kept my on this earth another day to learn of his unexpected blessings and unending love.

I guess maybe I don’t need to be SuperMom anyway.  😉

(Thanks, KS, for this GREAT medallion!  What a fun surprise in my mailbox today!!!  🙂 )