In honor of Olivia’s birthday tomorrow…

This pic is 3 weeks before Liv's actual due date, and about a week before she was taken by c-section.

March 2006 was a crazy month.  I waddled with Christian (because of my lovely “kankles”) from therapist to doctor to therapist, repeat.  As I had been with Christian, I was pregnant to the point where people would stop me at Target and ask me when my twins were due.  Sigh.  Just one baby.  Just one BIG baby.  (And LOTS of water weight.  Like 20 lbs of it!)  🙂 

April 4th, all good and scheduled (because of all of the complications with C’s delivery), Liv was born via c-section.  (Which actually made it easier on Christian as Grandma was able to be there for him all the way from Wisconsin.  Both kids were born in Florida.) 

Picture mid c-section. This one was MUCH more relaxed.

"Put me back in!"

I didn’t sleep a wink while in the hospital.  (Even though I really, really wanted to!!!)  So, I was ready to leave as soon as possible.  🙂 

Me & Liv the day we were released.

It’s hard to believe that FOUR whole years have just flown by!  It’s hard to believe that she was ever that tiny!  I fear that the next four years will fly by even faster!  (Is that humanly possible?!?)  She has grown into her role in our family.  She is no longer that baby who wouldn’t and couldn’t stop crying.  (Reflux.  Yuck!)  She is now our diva, princess, fashionista extraordinaire!  (Who loves to help Daddy outside with yard work.)  🙂  She is full of life and humor.  She is full of patient understanding, especially for her brother.  She is an advocate.  She is not afraid to speak her mind and tell it how it is.  She is boisterous and extremely shy all rolled up in the same package.  She is Olivia.  And we love her. 

Happy Golden 4th Easter Birthday, Olivia!  🙂