“What next???”  A phrase that usually runs through my mind when I perceive things as going horribly wrong.

However, today, I breathe that phrase as I watch my son.  I am filled with awe.

God has blessed Christian with a remarkable gift — words.  Not spoken words.  We fight for every one of those we hear.  Written words — spelled out with letter blocks or written on magnadoodles.  I try and catch each one before they are erased or magically morphed into something else.  Christian must just have images of these words running through his mind…

pachyderm … hippopotamus … Temple Grandin … Madagascar … Hasbro … giraffe … swamp …

… and these are just a few on the ones that I’ve actually seen in the last few days.  (Beyond his usual “credits/production company” words, like… cast, created by, executive producer, associate directors, music by, walt disney, pixar, presents, dreamworks, universal, paramount, previews, play all, set up, main menu, columbia, tristar … just to name a few.  He can read these all to you, too, if asked.)

And interestingly enough, he has now been starting to drag me to a word if he is unfamiliar with it, taking my finger, making me point to it until I tell him what it is, he repeats it, then pushes me away because he now knows what the word is and needs me no longer. 

All I can say is that I am constantly amazed…

…and I wonder, “What next?  What new word/skill will we behold today?”

All true blessings.  We are rejoicing.  🙂