As of yesterday, Christian is moving into a different classroom for a math class, a 1/2-hour each day.  It’s another special ed classroom, where some more challenging concepts are being learned and/or in a different format.

Christian LOVES this class.

They do a worksheet, play a group game, count – taking turns, and play math computer games.  He LOVES all of this, minus the group game thing.  He’s not a fan of those types of games. 

He did GREAT on his worksheet (again) today, actually shouting the answer out loud before the other kids in the class.  🙂  And in the middle of turn-taking counting, he stopped and shouted, “I LOVE COUNTING!” and then hopped right back into the next number.  🙂

I feel blessed that Christian has teachers at school who are willing to try him in different settings and nurture his abilities.  🙂  It makes my heart smile about Christian’s future.  (Whatever that may be)  🙂