On Saturday, Brian moved a bookcase to paint it.  I wasn’t 100% sold on the idea, but it could look nice, so I figured that if he wanted it done that badly I would just let him do it.

Boy, am I ever glad that he did!

Behind that bookcase that was securely bolted to a corner in our kitchen/dining room area was black stuff.  Mold.  It looked disgusting.  It made me want to gag.  Growing from the floor to about three feet up the wall.  Eww…

Brian called his dad who came over right away.  They went down to the basement and started pulling down the insulation from around the floor joists.  Mold there, too.

Brian called our builder who also agreed to come over right away.  The kids and I went over to the farm to stay out of everyone’s way. 

We heard good news.  The mold is not toxic and now should be under control.  Brian scrubbed down all of the moldy areas with bleach and everything is still looking good.  If we don’t see any mold by Friday, we should know (for sure) that the problem is totally taken care of.  [insert sigh of relief here]

I’m just SO thankful that Brian moved that bookcase!  It was one that we didn’t intend on moving any time soon!  That mold could have lived and grew back there for YEARS before we would have found it and who knows what kind of respiratory problems we all would have had by then!  So, while it was a bummer that we had mold, I’m just so relieved that we found it when we did!!!