I am excited about tomorrow morning.  Christian’s senior therapist, AZ, is coming in to do autism sensitivity training with his Sunday School class.

I haven’t written about Sunday School much because it is hard.  I am there as Christian’s aide during that time.  He really struggles to attend and not be overly distracted by other things in the classroom.  He makes a lot of noise and gets strange looks from all of the other kids.  I struggle to help him the best that I am able under the circumstances.  Some Sundays, I consider not going because it’s too much work, but then remember the importance of Christian hearing the words of God.  Christian always hears more than I give him credit for, even if it doesn’t look like he’s paying attention.

Anyway, I don’t know why I didn’t plan to do this before, but after hearing at Christian’s IEP meeting that his teacher does sensitivity training with his mainstreamed classrooms, it occurred to me that was what Christian’s Sunday School class needed, too.

The kids there aren’t trying to be rude, but they just don’t understand what Christian is doing it and why he is doing it.  I pray that the training will help tomorrow. AZ, will read a story about a friend with autism.  Then she will talk about feelings and the different ways that everyone responds to how they feel.  And then the kids can ask questions.  I really think that this will help them understand Christian and anyone else they may meet in the future who acts a little bit differently at times.