This afternoon I was fortunate enough to be able to attend a lecture at a local college about Savant Syndrome.  The lecture was given by the world renown savant expert, Dr. Darold Treffert.  I had been emailing him a few weeks ago, asking questions of him about Christian and his amazing abilities.  He patiently answered my questions and pointed towards hyperlexia.  Anyway, it was pretty awesome to meet him in person today.  (He even remembered me from our email communication. 🙂 )

As I sat and listened to him talk, I became more and more convinced that I may have a savant living in my house.  We never taught Christian to read.  We couldn’t even read TO him.  He refused to look at a book while being read to.  He would tolerate being in the same room (most days), but if you dared try reading to him on your lap, you had to be ready to be slapped in the face.  Christian learned TOTALLY on his own.  None of that phonetics stuff.  Whole word reading and replicating, starting with words like “international,” “nickelodeon,” and other favorite shows/logos/big words that he had seen.  He has a passion/obsession for credits and will use his letter blocks and magnadoodles on the floor to repeat them (even if he has only seen them once).  I can do nothing but stand there and watch him and wonder just how he does that.  I can see the pictures running through his mind, but this phenomenon boggles mine.

…I digress…anyway, within twenty minutes of being home from school today, I walked outside to see that Christian had written this on our picnic table…

Can you read it?  It took me a minute.  It says, “Pachyderm.”  Wow!  I wasn’t sure how to spell that correctly, so I consulted the dictionary.  Hmm…is that middle letter a “u” or a “y”???  So, I asked Christian, “What’s this letter?”  He said, “Pachyderm.”  I started from the beginning of the word, “What’s this letter?”  C said, “P – A – C – H – Y – D – E – R – M.  Pachyderm,” with a gigantic smile on his face.  Then he wiggled out of my arms and ran off.

I was floored.  (But not surprised.)  A-maz-ing!  🙂