As Liv and I were circling the health food section of the grocery store today, I got to thinking about Christian’s complete and utter distaste for any cookies that I try and bake for him.  Believe me, I’d LOVE to bake cookies for him.  Not only to save money, but just because I enjoy baking for the people who I love.

But every time I try to bake his favorite chocolate chip cookies (gfcfef, of course), he takes a look at the cookies, grabs one, screams, and crumbles it up into itty, bitty pieces.  (And then tries to stomp these pieces even more.)  To me, the cookies look the same, smell the same, and taste the same, but to Christian they are completely different and just wrong.

I try not to be overly hurt by his reaction after all of the love I poured into this dessert, but it’s really hard not to be frustrated and a little depressed.  Sigh.

As I was reaching up in the frozen food case to buy the one and only cookies that Christian will eat on this earth, I was thinking about God’s love and the gifts that he continues to shower on me and my family.  So many times I take these gifts and crumble them to pieces because I don’t see them as the gift(s) that I was expecting.  They don’t look right.  They don’t smell right.  They don’t taste right.  So I scream and smush them into oblivion. 

But what if I stopped and looked at the hands of the one giving me these gifts?  If I stopped and looked at the love in his eyes?  Trusting that he wouldn’t give me something that wasn’t right.  What if I tried this gift and realized just how good it really is, even if it looks/smells funny?  I think I’d open my eyes to so many more blessings in this life that I just pass by.

Ah, lessons from a cookie.  😉  I pray that I can stop crumbling the gifts of God.