In an extremely sleep-deprived state last June, I wrote a post to Starbucks pleading for free coffee.  Specifically their iced nonfat caramel macchiato.  (Ohhhh, just imagining one can soothe my frayed nerves.)  Unfortunately (but not surprisingly), I have not received the free coffee invitation.  (Yet.)  (I can hope, right?!?)

What is this strange hold that Starbucks has on me??  When in an uber-frustrated state, when crap (literally and figuratively) is taking over my world, my body craves the silkiness of this delicious cold drink.  Excuse me while I daydream about it…ahhhh….

In my line of work (SAHM), I can’t afford this indulgence daily.  So, Starbucks, please, please, let go of this crazy hold you have on me (or give me free coffee when my world turns to poo 😉 ).  Love ya!