I’m ashamed to admit that my prayer and Bible study habit have not been the priority that it should be.  I have procrastinated reading my Bible, putting it off ’til later in the day when “I will have more time” only to find that the time never comes.  My prayers, lately, have been more in the moment, prayers of desperation, under my breath, instead of being deliberate and thoughtful.

I once had a pastor (Pastor J) who had an excellent model for prayer.  For deliberate prayer.  Setting aside the time to really think through the prayer and mean it.  This was the model that he shared with his congregation…

  • First — thank God for four things.
  • Second — confess four sins and ask for forgiveness.
  • Third — pray for ten other people.
  • Finally — pray two things for yourself.

It always helped me to write these points down before I started praying so that my prayer would not become side-tracked by other distractions or a wandering mind.  I have been in need of making prayer a priority and I hope that this model can help make that happen again.