…not moving.

I can still feel them sitting up in my right kidney.  It feels like they’re poking me in the ribs.  The feeling reminds me of the end of my pregnancies with the kids — the feeling more annoying than painful, just super uncomfortable, unable to get relief. 

Besides that, I have to pee all of the time because of the amount of water/lemonade I’m drinking.  Seriously, I feel like I might just float away.  I’m afraid to go for my walk/jogs fearing that I may have to pee every two minutes.  I’ve been attempting to stay busy around the house all day — running up and down the stairs, doing laundry, picking up (as much as the kids allow), etc.

I’m ready, though, for the stones to move out.  I want to be able to take a deep breath again without the pain in my side.