I found myself in pain shortly after waking up yesterday morning.  Severe pain in the belly button region.  It was bad enough that I contemplated calling Brian and have him drive Christian to school.  About a 1/2-hour later, the pain shifted to the right and was no longer stabbing.  Constant pain, but not as bad.  So, I got Christian ready for school and away we went.

After Christian was safely at school, Liv started asking me about the library.  I had promised her the night before that we would go, especially since we didn’t make it there last week.  OK, we went.  I figured I could talk her into letting me rest when we got home if we had new books to read and movies to watch.  So, we spent an hour at the library.  Liv was disappointed that we didn’t stay longer, but I needed to get home.  I was exhausted.

With the pain persisting (and encouragement from a friend and my hubby), I made an appointment to see our family doc in the afternoon.  She saw me, felt my abdomen, and sent me over to the ER.  (Letting me pick-up and drop-off Christian on the way.  She understands what our family situation is like. 🙂 )  Brian was able to drive me to the ER.  Grandma came over to help entertain Olivia while Christian had his usual therapy sessions.

We had to drive to the ER at the city north of us.  (About a 1/2-hour drive.)  They admitted me almost immediately.  (I’m thankful that they weren’t overly busy!)  I was hooked up to an IV with pain meds and anti-nausia medication, asked to pee in a cup,  and have a contrast CT scan.  Pee came back fine.  CT scan was negative for appendicitis, kidney stones, ovarian cysts, all of the bad stuff they had been talking about….

…Thankfully, it did show what was ailing me — swollen abdominal lymph nodes.  Oh.  Not much they could do about that.  They gave me a prescription for heavy-duty pain meds (which I have yet to fill because if I take them then I can’t drive and I need to be able to drive), told me to take ibuprofen to help with the inflammation,  rest, and have a follow-up visit with my family doc.  OK.

So, it turned out not to be that big of a deal and Brian and I got to spend 4 hours without the kids.  (Can a trip to the ER qualify as a date??? 😉 ) 

The swollen abdominal lymph nodes probably explain why my neck has been feeling stiff and my armpits sore for the last few days.  I’m guessing the lymph nodes there are swollen, too.

And this morning Christian is at school, Grandma just picked up Olivia for the day, and Brian is at work — I think I’ll nap (or at least rest).  I have my follow-up with my doc later this afternoon.  We’ll see what she has to say then.