Christian’s annual IEP meeting was held yesterday afternoon.  It went well.  Christian has met (and surpassed) all but one of his goals.  That was exciting to hear!  He is doing great with math and reading, so he will be able to move into a first grade setting in both of those areas (as well as music, art, and phy. ed.).  And he is in first grade reading this year, but he will be revisiting it again next year because of comprehension difficulties.  (I’m not sure if he’s not comprehending what he is reading or just unable to show what he is comprehending.  Either way, it warrants some more time there.  Christian will be getting second grade sight words, though, since he can read SO well.)  I also found out that he is needing very little sensory help at school (he must be saving ALL of that until he gets home 😉 ).  He still has scheduled breaks in his day, which I’m sure are needed, where he visits a smaller classroom (off of the large main classroom) and, of course, spells with letters from alphabet puzzles or writes words out on a Manga-doodle.  That sounds like him.  Unfortunately, when given the option on playing with his classmates or being alone (spelling), he will ALWAYS choose spelling.  I’m not surprised, but it was sad 😦 to hear that he doesn’t really seek out friends.  Does he want/need friends?  Does he feel lonely?  I wish I knew.  Anyway, overall, Christian’s doing REALLY well.  I’m excited for him! 🙂  (And now I’m eagerly waiting to get an actual copy of the IEP to read it over.)


On a not so happy note, our basement has (apparently) turned into a toilet.  We are scrubbing the carpet down there at LEAST once a day.  (Lately, it’s been at least three times/day.)  We are running out of paper towel, carpet cleaner, wipes, plastic bags, and patience quickly.  Sigh.  We are attempting to remain calm, but also teach C that if the poo or pee happens in the basement, he will be responsible for helping to clean it up.  Sigh.  I pray that this problem goes away quickly.  I’m tired of it.  (And our basement is starting to smell like a urinal.)  😦


I have also been emailing a world renown savant syndrome expert who lives in the area about Christian’s extraordinary reading/spelling ability.  He questioned Christian’s hyperlexia.  Hyperlexia?  I never even thought about hyperlexia, as no one had ever mentioned that about Christian before.  So does Christian have just hyperlexia or hyperlexia with autism or autism where his hyperlexia is a savant splinter-skill???  I have NO clue.  The only way to really find out is to get him tested by specialists.  Sigh.  The savant expert pointed me to a clinic in Illinois.  Sigh.  I don’t know that we are ready to venture down there to find out because I don’t know that it will change anything.  Really.  We would still need the same therapies and helps, so maybe we will just wait a few more years and see where Christian is at that time…


And now I’m back to considering a service dog for Christian.  (Revisiting this idea with Brian, too.  He’s concerned with all of the work that it would take to fund-raise for the dog and that he doesn’t really have time to help out with it.)  I have found a GREAT program in our state that has great support and excellent dogs.  If we do pursue a service dog, this is the organization that I would like to work with.  I also found out that the dog would NOT be allowed to attend school with Christian, so something else that we need to consider, but I think a dog would be a WONDERFUL thing for Christian.  I can envision him blossoming. 🙂  Hmm…so much to think about…

…and now I’m exhausted…  😉