Ah.  The dentist.  Not a favorite person in our house.  However, today both of the kids had appointments with him.

I had recruited my dad to meet us at the office, so that he could stay with Olivia and color while I took Christian to the back and wrestled with him to get into the chair and the horrible, yet necessary papoose(?) board.  Christian did put up a fight.  With huge tears.  With terror in his eyes.  With the word, “scary,” coming out of his mouth.  With Mama’s heart-breaking.  😦  But he actually calmed for the tiniest bit towards the end of the teeth-brushing.  That was a first.  That made me SO proud of him!  🙂  And NO cavities.  Hurray!  Now we don’t need to go back until August.  Whew!  🙂

Christian’s turn was first today.  I was thinking that I would take Christian back with Olivia and I while her teeth got counted in the dentist’s office, but my dad said that he would stay with Christian in the waiting room.  (Bless his heart!  I could hear Christian through the door running laps in the waiting room and dashing up the stairs to the employee lounge/lunch area.  Christian’s speed cannot be underestimated! 😉 )  Anyhow, Olivia picked her toothbrush out, had her teeth counted (very nervously), and had NO cavities, too!  I was one happy Mama today!!!  🙂  In about 5-minutes time, we were done. Yay!

(Thanks, Grandpa, for helping out today!  I really, REALLY appreciate it!!!  🙂 )

Funny thing…because of the no cavities the kids received coupons for a local restaurant for a free hamburger, cheeseburger, fries, ice cream cone, cookie, etc.  Since Christian can’t really have any of those things, we settled for the free soda (just seems ironic coming from the dentist).  The kids were so happy on the way home.  🙂  Except I was a little nervous when Liv announced that she had “pee in her butt” when we were 10 minutes from home.  Thankfully, she was able to hold it until she got in the house and on the toilet.  Whew!  😉

I consider this surviving the dentist with flying colors!  🙂  I’m so thankful that the day went SO well, that the snow stopped before we had to get on the highway, that we didn’t run out of gas, and that my vehicle found its way to a Starbucks drive-thru on the way home.  (Sometimes, Mama needs a treat, too! 😉 )