Our home has been in “Survival Sleep” mode for quite awhile.  Actually for more than four years.  (Probably closer to six.)  We seem to have cycled through a “deep survival” low in the last couple of months, though.  Christian has been having a really hard time falling sleep.  Olivia seems to sleep nervously while he is awake and crashing around.  (She has bad dreams about him.)  Brian and I, out of just sheer NEED for sleep, have just given in to this craziness.  Olivia will crawl in bed with Brian when he goes to sleep.  (He goes to bed fairly early considering the cows want to be milked first thing in the morning. 😉 )  I stay up with Christian — some nights we sleep in the basement, some nights on the couch, some nights in his room…I will sleep wherever I can when he’s on a “I can’t fall asleep” kick.  (And, yes, he really can’t fall asleep.  You can make someone stay in their room.  You can make someone stay on their bed.  You can make someone lay down.  But you CAN’T make someone fall asleep.  Not possible.  I know this after years of thorough study. 😉 )  But, here’s the good thing…Christian’s gluten-induced effect seems to be slowly wearing off.  He was able to sleep through the WHOLE night last night without me in his bed next to him.  (Yay!)  With this now occurring, my hope is to get him back to sleeping in his bed by himself and then moving Olivia back to her bed (by herself) after Christian is sleeping (instead of staying in bed with Brian all night), and me taking back my rightful place next to my hubby in my(our) own bed.  How blissful would that be?!?  It’s going to happen.  I can feel it.