Well, since my post yesterday, Christian’s communication has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride…

He came home from school yesterday and said, “Who’s hungry?” (in a game show announcer type of voice). 😉  I proceeded to cut him some of his favorite fruity treat — strawberries.  When he saw them on the table, his eyes lit up and he said (in a most excited voice), “STRAWBERRIES!  Yummy!”  Lovely!

And then communication kind of disappeared for a couple of hours, but later when questioned by a therapist if he was hungry, Christian replied, “Hungry!”  CS asked what he was hungry for and Christian answered, “Cheese Sandwich!”  Awesome! 🙂

We managed to cycle in and out of communication for the rest of the night, refusing to answer questions I asked, yet singing the “Dreidel Song” at the top of his lungs, to tantruming when he couldn’t push me down the stairs fast enough to assist him, to helping Brian pray his bedtime prayer.

Today has been a similar rollercoaster of communication.  Sometimes it is there.  Sometimes it is nowhere to be found.  We are cycling through the thrill of him telling us his needs/wants and the heartbreak of the ear-piecing scream when he doesn’t have the words to explain his frustrations.

I guess today isn’t that unusual of a communication day.  It just seems a little more pronounced…