Sigh.  I am thrilled to report that Christian is no longer staying up past midnight, but he has still been up ’til 11pm.  I’m pretty tired.  Actually, I’m VERY tired.  However, I am, again, thankful that the Olympics are on.  He seems to have taken a liking to “skate” = speedskating and “down” = skiing.  🙂  Perfect.  Some of my favorite events to watch!!!  😉

We are still seeing more aggression than usual.  More hitting and kicking me, especially when getting changed.  More spontaneous shoving of Olivia.  More tantruming and screaming when he doesn’t want to do something.  Sigh.  I really hope THIS part, in particular, goes away soon!

He has also been avoiding his therapists a lot, too, and clinging to me instead.  One night I had to actually lock myself in our bedroom, so that Christian would work with his therapist.  And major parts of his communication skills are still missing — like if asked a question, he will not even acknowledge you standing 6-inches away from his face.  That is heart-breaking. 

Also heart-breaking, watching him go back to dragging his forehead across a room on the carpet.  We have seen him do that maybe 3 times in the last 3 years (since we pulled gluten from his diet).

Sigh.  It’s amazing how much damage TWO pieces of toast can do…

(…and I’m praying that the rest of it leaves his system soon!)