After reading through the majority of “Run Your First Marathon” by Grete Waitz, I now feel like I will actually be prepared for my 5-mile run in June.  (Thanks, Jason, for recommending it!!)  She laid out a very simple beginners 12-week program, to get from nothing (where I’m at) to running 3-miles (at least).  I did my Day#2 of the program today, and while I feel a little bit more sore than yesterday, I don’t feel like I can’t do it.  I’m excited!  This is doable!  I can do it and I will! 

(I’m not sure that there is a full marathon in my future.  (We’ll see how I do with this training.)  I would like to complete a 1/2-marathon within the next year-ish.  🙂 )

Oh, and decent running shoes make ALL the difference.  I got a new pair yesterday.  Even tried them out in the store.  I no longer have shin splints after 5-minutes and my arches feel SO much better!!!  🙂