Hurray!  HURRAY!  HURRAY!  For Olivia spontaneously sharing with Christian.  🙂

Boo.  BOO!  BOO!  That she was sharing her very own gluten-filled toast.  😦

I am a little nervous.  A little scared, as to what will happen with Christian later today and into the next week. 

Will he sleep?  Will he endlessly stim?  Will he scream even louder and more constantly than usual?  Will he be able to attend?  Will the eye contact disappear?  Will his ability to communicate regress?

I guess these questions will be answered shortly.  I have sometimes wondered exactly what the “fall-out” would be like if gluten was in his diet, so now I will receive that answer unexpectedly.  (Please pray that we all survive it.  😉  )