Sigh.  Getting Christian dressed in the morning is an overwhelming struggle most days.  He starts screeching.  Loud.  So loudly, in fact, that I’ve learned to not hear it anymore to save my own sanity.  On really combative days(and after running five laps through the house after him), I back into where he is so that the hitting and kicking go to my back instead of my face and abdomen.  And then we wrestle.  And it’s NOT pretty.  And when it’s over, I don’t feel good about it and Christian starts undoing his clothes claiming that they are in fact, “Wet!”  Sigh.

(Which is also why I wait until JUST before the bus is supposed to be here to get him dressed.  Bus drivers, I beg you, PLEASE be patient with me!!!)

But, perhaps, just maybe, I have stumbled across a magic trick this week.  One where there is still fighting, but the dressing task gets completed without so much struggling (on both parts).  It’s called, “The Three Bears.”  Maybe you remember a couple of weeks ago I had a video clip of Christian’s obsession with this story, especially the Nick Jr. version.  Well, if I recite this story and pause at certain points, he seems to be distracted enough by inserting the missing words in the story that he is not fully aware of the dressing routine that is going on.  Yes.  Sneaky, I know.  But working (for now).