OK.  We are a week into the second raw cheese experiment.  Here’s what we have noticed this time around…

  • Eye contact is good, without prompting.  So good that a couple of therapists mentioned this before I told them that we were doing something different.  🙂
  • Screaming is SO MUCH louder!  Ear deafening at times.  I would like a pair of earplugs.  😦  (If you don’t believe me, come visit.)
  • His aggression is not as bad as it was with our last experiment.  However, yesterday morning he really kicked the snot out of me as I was trying to get him dressed.  😦  Sigh.  But, really, it is much better than last time.
  • We are hearing more language at times.  Definitely NOT consistently.  Like when he wants something I REALLY have to get in his face to get his attention and possibly get him to actually tell me what he wants.  And sometimes he just talks nonstop — like when he doesn’t need or want anything from us but is just running stories through his head. 

So, I’m still on the fence as to whether the raw milk cheese is a helpful or a hurtful food for Christian.  Hmm…I think I see more experiments with this cheese in the near future as we try to figure it all out.