Seriously.  I promise.  I have not fallen off the edge of the earth.  😉

A couple of weeks ago, Brian and I decided to try some raw milk cheese with Christian.  I had been reading about the benefits of raw milk even on people who normally can’t tolerate casein (milk protein).  (As the casein is different in raw milk because it has not gone thru the pasteurization process and is MUCH easier (and safer) to digest.) 

It took a little finesse on my part to even get Christian to lick the cheese.  The cheese is white.  All of the cheese that he has had in the last few years has been orange.  This was a challenge, but once he licked the cheese, he liked the cheese, and then he was actually requesting the cheese.  🙂  Hurray!

So, here is what was noticed in the week that he was eating the raw milk cheese — his communication increased.  Enough that we noticed it.  And he seemed to be looking us in the eye more often all on his own.  I mean, how cool is that?!?  Awesome, right?  But! welcome back aggression.  We’re talking serious hitting anytime he was in the least bit frustrated or angry. Sigh.  😦  It made me want to cry.

I was hoping that things would be super good or super bad so that we could easily say, “Hey, this is totally helping him!” or “Hey, this is NOT good!”  Instead we got BOTH — good to have the GREAT communication :), bad to have the HORRIBLE aggression 😦 .

So then the question becomes, do we live with the aggression in order to have the communication, or do we lose the communication because of the aggression???  I wish there was a simple solution.

Until we figure it out, the raw milk cheese experiment is on suspension.