OK.  We are all finally on the mend here.  We all managed to get some kind of stomach bug.  Yuck.

I managed to get Christian on the bus Wednesday morning, only to get the call that he had gotten sick on the bus.  (Again.)  I picked him up.  Got him home.  And he immediately started running and jumping and eating while running and jumping.  He seemed fine to me.  (I thought that I had traced the vomiting to a fermented bottle of grape juice that I had found hiding in the basement.)  So, I kept his therapy sessions for the afternoon.  Christian did fine.

However, an hour after the last shift, up came the contents of his tummy.  And again twenty minutes later.  And again.  And again for the next nine hours!  Eww… 😦  Poor guy! 

He (and I) finally fell into a deep sleep around 4:30 in the morning.  Liv woke me at 6.  Sigh.  Christian woke at 9:30 and seemed to be (mostly) out of the woods.  No more running to the bathroom.  Eventually he was able to keep down some 7-up and pretzels.  🙂 

He spent Thursday at home recovering.  We kept him home on Friday, too, because his class was taking a field trip to the swimming pool.  Christian is a notorious pool-water- drinker and I was concerned that the pool water would upset his system and end up having something from one end (or the other) in the pool.  I’m guessing the teachers and pool staff wouldn’t be too pleased.  So he hung out at home with us and had an afternoon therapy session.

Two hours later, Liv and I were taking turns losing our suppers.  Eww (again)… 😦  Every 15 minutes for the next nine hours.  Ick!  It was nasty!  (Let’s just say I will not be having anything with BBQ sauce or green peppers anytime soon!)  Liv and I finally fell asleep around 4am.  Christian woke me at 6:30, while Liv continued to sleep until 9:30.

Brian came home around that time and started his nine hours of illness.  😦  He and Liv took some good naps.  Christian let me snooze for a little awhile.  🙂 

Eventually we all ate something.  (Although, I have to say that my tummy wants me to be very cautious!)

I’m still feeling pretty weak today.  And contemplating when I will be able to get back out for my walks.  (I haven’t been out since Wednesday and I’m starting to feel like I could use to walk at least a mile.)  We’ll see.  Perhaps later today.

Now to catch up on all of the “sick laundry” and cleaning.  I’m hoping to get through a fair amount of that tomorrow as Christian has 3 therapy shifts (as he doesn’t have school).  I’m just thankful that we are all on the upswing and things didn’t get any worse!  (And I’m just happy to be getting more than 3 hours of sleep at a time again!  🙂 )