Christian is making some HUGE steps forward, especially in the area of communication.

  • Last night he grabbed a bunch of bananas and held them up to his ear and proclaimed, “Banana phone!”  🙂  I ripped him one off the bunch and he’s been walking around with it up to his ear and chattering at it (in his own speak).  So cute!
  • Also, last night, he was having some issues not really wanting to work with WD, the therapist who was here.  He especially didn’t want to write for her and continuously tried to escape the table, so I came and stood on the other side of him.  He was vocalizing his frustrated scream, so WD worked with him on finding words for his feelings, finally getting him to say, “I mad.”  But he didn’t stop there.  He continued to tell us, “Writing so hard!”  WD and I looked at each other astonished.  Really?  Did he just say that?  Awesome talking, Christian.  Mama’s sorry to hear that writing is hard, but SO glad to hear you put that into words!!!  🙂 🙂 🙂
  • Christian’s also saying, “Night, Liv!” when she heads to bed.  She is majorly excited by this, too! 🙂

But, just like any time Christian has made HUGE strides forward in one (or more) area(s), he seems to take some steps back in others.

  • I cannot get him to fall asleep at a decent time at night.  I end up just resting in the basement until he runs out of steam and falls asleep on top of me.  This also means that he is sleeping in later in the morning, which, in turn, means that I have to drive him to school.  (His bus comes a little after 7am.)
  • He refused to get dressed this morning.  Refused.  I wanted to get out the duct tape and make sure that he couldn’t get his clothes back off when I turned my back for 10 seconds.  (Yes, he can be that fast if he wants to be!)  I struggled through the hitting and kicking, but eventually gave up, too tired to battle with him any longer.  (He willingly put another pair of jammies on at that time.)  After raising my blood sugar with some breakfast, I called his teacher and asked her if I could bring Christian to school today in his jammies.  (Not wanting him to start associating not getting dressed with not having to go to school.)  She agreed and I threw some clothes in his backpack just in case they could convince him to get dressed.  Christian wasn’t so happy with me for taking him to school, but he had a good day and they were able to talk him into some actual clothes at his first bathroom break.  Hopefully then he’ll know that even if he goes to school in his jammies, he will not be able to hang out in them all day.  (I must admit, though, that I’m feeling a bit like a lousy mom for not being able to get him dressed this morning and just being tired of all of the battling.  Makes me want to have a really big cry.  (And a vacation.))