I started contemplating school next year for Olivia.  She’ll be 4 by next school year and could go to a preschool or 4K program.  I think this would be a HUGE benefit for her.  Especially working on socialization outside of our home, as she is extremely shy in public.  She is also very bright — she has been learning alongside Christian as he has therapy.  She knows her letters, numbers, colors, shapes, etc.  I think school would be an awesome place for her for 3 hours/day.

I mentioned this to Brian the other day.  He asked me if I’d be OK with her gone during the day.  Seriously?!?  Did he really ask me that question?!?  We’re talking about 3 hours — only three hours — I have been dreaming about what I could do with 3 hours by myself every day for a couple of years now!  I could exercise, shop, exercise, read, exercise, shower, exercise, clean, exercise, write, etc. without being interrupted every couple of minutes with a demand for attention, to get this, to hold that, to change this, etc.  Ah, what a much needed respite in my day. I think it could be a cure for the burned-out feeling that I have been experiencing so much lately.

I love Liv.  I just think it would be good for the both of us to have a break from each other, starting with small chunks of time.  As we both seem to know how to push each other’s buttons…