You’d think that after being up at 2:15 in the morning, you’d be pretty tired by the end of the day.  (I know I was!)  However, I tried to get Christian in bed around 8pm (after not napping at all) and he was too hyper to sleep.  (I have no idea what wind he was on by that time!)  He jumped on the bed for awhile, came out to the living room to spell, and then insisted on going to the basement.

Sigh.  I had it.  I physically could not stay up any longer.  Seriously.  In sheer desperation, I broke out the liquid melatonin, dumped some into a little bit of soda, and served it up to Christian.  (Knowing that he can NOT turn down some lemon-lime bubbly goodness.) 

He drank it as I vegged on the couch.  Within a half-hour, he had climbed on top of me, snuggled in, and fell into a deep sleep.  Yay!

The happiest part was that he STAYED asleep.  All through the night.  The last few times we had given him melatonin, it definitely helps him fall asleep, but he awakes up after a few hours and then is up for the day.  Unfortunately, I’m not ready to be up for the day at that time.  But, last night, he slept.  And slept.  And slept.  To the point where he was still sleeping this morning 15 minutes before his bus was supposed to be here, so I decided to cancel the bus and drive him in instead.  (He gets an extra hour at home that way!)

Now, I’m hoping for great sleep again tonight, but this time un-melatonin assisted.  🙂