The thought had crossed my mind yesterday to brag say how happy I’ve been with how Christian has been sleeping at night.  Especially since he got his “big, fancy bed.”  He has been sleeping SO well with the “new” bed.  I have been getting sleep.  Our whole household has been getting sleep!  There is much rejoicing!  🙂

Until the snow started late last evening.  Christian finally agreed to sleep about 9:30.  Yay.  I actually stayed up a little later last night and looked up some info on the computer.  I drifted easily into dreamland…zzzzzzzz…Crash!  Slam!  Giggle…

…huh?  What was that?!?  Oh, Christian was up.  I rolled over and flipped open my phone to check on the time.  It was 2:15.  Sigh.

I tried taking him to the bathroom.  He didn’t need to go.  He wanted to spell with his letter blocks.  Fine.  I would lay back down on the couch.  Zzz… “Mom!  Downstairs!”

OK, fine.  We would go downstairs.  I was hoping that he would do whatever it was that he needed to do and then just fall asleep on top of me.  (Which is how it usually works with these middle of the night wakings.)

No such luck.  I laid down on the loveseat in the basement and tried to rest in-between the times he needed me to help him get this, change that, reach this, etc.  Before I knew it, my alarm was going off.  Sigh.  (I use the alarm on my cell phone and sleep with jammies that have pockets so that I don’t oversleep no matter where I end up.)  Christian was still awake.  He didn’t look like he was going back to sleep any time soon.  And he didn’t.

So he went to school with under 5 hours of sleep and apparently had a pretty great day.  (I don’t know that I could do that.)

I’m just hoping that he will actually sleep well tonight.  Over 8 hours.  That would be blissful.