For the last TWO months Christian has insisted on wearing his zip-up one-piece Buzz Lightyear jammies any time he is at home.  Last night, he was in the bathroom doing his business, totally nude, the way his business needs to be done.  He pointed to the door and told me to, “Leave.”  So, I did.  I returned to check on him after 10 minutes when I could hear him spelling with his letter blocks.

He had dressed himself…

…in his RED, two-piece jammies…

…all on his own.

After I got over my initial shock, I ran for the camera (in case it didn’t last).  He kept them on for the rest of the night.  He immediately put them back on when he got home from school today. 

Totally A.MAZ.ING.  I am still in awe.


Christian also let me trim his hair with the scissors today.  He actually requested it.  I haven’t been able to cut his hair with scissors since he was about a year old.

What new thing will he do/let be done next?!?

My mind is boggled.  (In a good way!)