Our third Christmas celebration landed on Christmas morning.  Very early Christmas morning.  Like 4AM.  We decided to have it before Brian went in for milking, so that I wasn’t having to fend off little hands all morning. (Although, I don’t think that would have been a problem for Christian.)

Yeah, the kids weren’t overly thrilled to be woken from sleep so early, but once I told Olivia, a number of times, that Santa had come, she came racing out to the living room overflowing with excitement.  Christian, however, just laid on Brian’s lap. Very upset about being awake and the opening of gifts.  Eventually, he got up and ran downstairs, so we opened his gifts for him then they were OK.  (If we only knew that would have been an issue ahead of time, we could have saved much time on the wrapping of gifts. 😉 )

Another enjoyable Christmas celebration.  With the glorious reminder of it being Jesus’ birthday. 🙂